So Who Am I ?

I am a man in his Late-fifties at the time of writing this; I am a husband of 30+ years and father to 2 grown boys; I retired after 21 years serving in the United States Navy in Sunny San Diego, California but recently moved and currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada after serving another 15 years as a civil servant in support of our Military.

I am originally from a small town in Alaska and went to high school in Anchorage, soon joining the navy after graduation. I spent much of my navy career in and around Asia, which contributed much to my view on life and led me to ask myself, who am I?

 This line of questioning led me on the ultimate journey of discovering my true self and what I believe is my life's purpose. But I am guessing that's not really what you want to know.

More probably, your wondering if this guy is worth my time and or attention? 

Hmmm, I'm going to say probably for many, the answer will be NO! 

I don't have any secret magic formula to make you Rich, Successful, Beautiful, In-shape, Sexy, or Smart.

All I am is me what I can do is share my perspective on life. As many have said, my words of wisdom in the hopes that a message I may share somehow resonates with you and provides the value you need in your life's journey.

 I will share with you the lessons I learned on my journey of becoming an entrepreneur, traveling along the road towards financial fitness, ultimately leading to time freedom to enjoy the beautiful creations I believe we were put upon the earth to enjoy. And eventually, find the peace and contentment everyone seeks. 

There will be no magic button to push or genie lamp to rub. I promise to share the truth of my journey; the roads I am taking to pursue financial fitness, health, and worldly enjoyment should you care to travel a similar path.

So what! 

So what indeed, I do not know what has brought you here to my site. I do not know your journey or what you currently need to get over that next obstacle along your path. I believe nothing happens by chance, and every action is for a reason. There is a reason for our paths crossing. I can only surmise that the universe has thought to send you in my direction.

Because I may have something of value that you need to help you continue along your path.  I look forward to serving you and providing whatever value resonates with you from my humble site.

The Beginning of all ventures is intentions...

Why are we doing what we are doing ?

What end do we seek to achieve, what purpose to fulfill?

These are the questions that our intentions should strive to address along our life's journey..

Wayne Dyer

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These are but a few of important ones i am choosing to share at this time.. Keep checking back on this site and my blog as i Travel along on this entrepreneurial journey...