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Resource:  Refers to all the materials available in our environment that help us satisfy our needs and wants.

Solution: is A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

As an entrepreneur, especially one pursuing building an online business or establishing a presence in today's social society in my Journey, I have come to understand and believe that 3 key attributes must be focused on. They are Mindset, Skillset &Toolset. I have chosen to share what I believe to be excellent examples of these and what I continue to use today in my continued Journey.



Mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits, And your thought habits affect how you think, what you feel, and what you do.

Your mindset impacts how you make sense of the world and make sense of yourself and your interaction with the world around you.


Skillset is the knowledge, abilities, and experience needed to perform a job. Specific skillset areas can include human relations, research and planning, accounting, leadership, management, computer skills, and any other essential attribute that allows you to perform a needed task.

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A toolset is a collection of objects that can extend an individual's ability to modify features or interact with the surrounding environment to carry out specific tasks or functions.

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